Block your calendar - Make time for yours!

Updated: Jan 26

Due to COVID times, majority of us in corporate world are working from home and still have been complaining only about one thing i.e. ‘No Time’. All of us are working tirelessly from 9 to 9 and at times beyond 12 hours, including weekends. You will agree your To Do list remains exactly the same when you started the day and ended, with no change.

Life has gone for a toss in this pandemic. No time for family, no time for yourself. We have turned ourselves into corporate zombies.

No one is indispensable in this world. Today you have the power and position, tomorrow it will be someone else’s. No one will remember the time, efforts and the sacrifices you made for them. Remember only your loved ones know your value, no one else cares.

While work provides us a living… it’s your family, your loved ones who will provide you the support, the comfort when required. Let’s not forget our priority in life or take them for granted.

Take a pause, time is precious and as each day goes by, you will never get these moments back with them.

It’s simple, just follow few steps and make time for yours -

- Try to start your day an hour early and dedicate that hour for yourself;

- Block your calendar for ‘Your’ time;

- Take breaks in between, to check on your family requirements;

- Try having one meal together; without any gadgets around and just talk about your day;

- Weekends are for family; work can certainly wait till the weekday;

- Meet your friends/ extended family on weekends or virtually, let’s not stop partying;

- Take leaves whenever possible, just relax and spend quality time with your family;

- If possible, give a day off to your helpers on Sunday…. continue the trend, cook meals together, help with the household chores. Remember you bonded so well supporting each other.

This pandemic has taught us so many things… let’s not forget even if life comes to normalcy.

Make time for yours!

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